Pure Drip IV Health & Wellness is run by a passionate team of health practitioners. Our team of doctors and nurses are taking hydration to a whole new level!

IV therapy has been used in hospital settings to treat a range of conditions from dehydration to nutrient-absorption disorders but it's increasingly offered at independent clinics that pledge to help people feel better without having to utilize already burdened and expensive emergency departments.

While IV Therapy is most known as a hangover cure in party cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans and Los Angeles, IV therapy is also given to people with migraines, fibromyalgia (chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure) and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as those who want a nutritional, athletic, energy, beauty or immunity boost.

IV therapy has already taken off in Denver and Pure Drip IV Health & Wellness is planned to be the first "brick and mortar" IV Therapy location in Fort Collins.

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Our Medical Director

Dr. Travis Brown, DO

I’m Dr. Travis Brown. As an emergency room physician, I understand the importance of daily health and wellness. I frequently see the toll our lives take on us if we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves. That is why I have made it a priority in my life to stay active, eat cleanly, and foster healthy relationships. Unfortunately, like the rest of you I sometimes have a hard time fitting it all in. Health is not easy. If it was I’d be out of a job. That is why I am so excited to be a part of the Pure Drip team. Do you feel like you need a little boost? Have the rigors of life taken their toll? Did you have a little more fun last night than you planned on? Life doesn’t slow down, so neither should you. And that’s where IV therapy is almost like cheating. Giving fluids and nutrients through an IV is the fastest way to get what you need where you need it. Do you need an IV? Probably not. If you absolutely needed it I would advise you to see me in the ER. However, I think you will find that IV therapy will quickly and effectively get you back to the top of your game.

My number one priority as the medical director for Pure Drip IV Health & Wellness is for your safety. That is why I have carefully designed and selected the best and safest nutrients for our infusions. Some other IV infusion businesses have a medical director only in title. Some are not led by a physician. At Pure Drip you have the satisfaction of knowing that your technician is overseen by a residency trained and board-certified physician. Our excellent staff of registered nurses and EMTs have been carefully and methodically hand-picked and I demand the best from them. That is the Pure Drip difference. You can be sure you will receive the best treatment possible as safely as possible. My name wouldn’t be on it otherwise.

- Dr. Travis Brown

Dr. Travis Brown

Dr. Travis Brown did his undergraduate work at the University of Central Oklahoma majoring in biology.  He then attended medical school at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated in 2007.  Dr. Brown has also completed an emergency medicine residency at Southwest Medical Center in Oklahoma City in 2011.  He currently works as an emergency medicine physician in Northern Colorado. 

Dr. Brown’s hobbies include running, cycling, hiking, photography, and spending time with his wife Jessica and their two kids Brecken and Sloane.

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Our Mission:

To enable the members of our community to achieve overall health and vitality through IV therapy.

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