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B12 Injection


B12 plays many vital roles in our bodies. It aids in red blood cell production, helps maintain optimal brain and nervous system functioning, assists in the generation of neurotransmitters, and helps with metabolic breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and lipids. Depleted levels of B12 can lead to symptoms of depression, decreased metabolism, lack of mental clarity and energy.

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What's the Skinny?


Weight loss is a hard nut to crack. This intramuscular Lipo-C shot will help facilitate the breakdown of fat cells, rev up your metabolism, decrease your appetite and it has an added bonus of helping with sleep cycles. Who doesn’t want that? Best if used 2 times a week for first 2 weeks then weekly thereafter and in combination with exercise and clean eating.

Energizer Bunny


Our simplest recipe for a quick boost when you’re fighting to push past that 2:00 slump. Get B12 and B-Complex IM injections!



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Don't Rock the Boat Quickie


Feeling nauseous? Let’s cut to the chase. With this oral zofran and you’ll be feeling balanced in no time.


Fixer Elixir Quickie


Go too hard last night? Although there is no hair of the dog in these pills, it will help you get past the bite. Oral zofran and torradol to ease the pain!


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